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  • YMC Events at TRB 2015

    Posted by Alison / on 12/18/2014 / 0 Comments

    The TRB Young Members Council and its subcommittees will be sponsoring or co-sponsoring 14 meetings and sessions during the January 2015 TRB Annual Meeting.

    Don't forget to join us at the Young Member Reception co-sponsored with the Young Professional in Transportation on Sunday at 9 PM.

    Events during the annual meeting will include:

    • The YMC Committee meeting and six group-level YMC subcommittee meetings
    • Presentation of the Outstanding Young Member Award during the Deen Lecture
    • Hitting the Ground Running: Choosing and Navigating a Successful Career Path-A Workshop for Young and New Transportation Professionals 
    • Freight Data Meets Innovative Technologies - An Interactive ..

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Becoming Involved with a TRB Committee

Don't get intimidated when getting involved with a TRB standing committee! Here are the step-by-step directions:

  • Consult the list of TRB standing committees, including the scope statement and member list for each. Click on the TRB Staff or Chairperson's email address and send a brief email summarizing your background and why you are interested in participating with this committee.
  • Contact a TRB staff representative to learn of current activities in which you may wish to participate.
  • Volunteer to serve as a reviewer of research papers, to work on a committee project, or to give a presentation or preside at a session of the annual meeting or a specialty conference.
  • Participate in committee meetings, which generally are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Introduce yourself to the chair and other committee members.
  • Express your interest in joining as a formal member of the commitee at the first opportunity. Each committee has a required turnover of one-third of its members every 3 years, and committee members may not continue for more than three consecutive 3-year terms if other individuals wish to join. As a result, opportunities occur at least every 3 years (more often for many committees). All committees can have up to 4 Young Members, which is available to anyone 35 or under--this is a great gateway to formal membership for young professionals and students!

Twitter and Facebook

Be sure to stay in the loop by using #TRBAM on Twitter and communicate directly with the TRB staff through @TRBofNA and @my1stTRB! Also be sure to check out the TRB Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TRBofNA.


In 2011, Young Members Council (YMC) at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) was created in order to encourage and expand young professional participation in all aspects of the TRB community. YMC aims to serve every transportation professional aged 35 or under in advancing the national transportation research agenda.


  • TRB is organized according to the following hierarchy: Executive Committee > Technical Activities Council (TAC) > Group > Section > Standing Committee > Subcommittee
  • YMC serves at the TAC level. In addition, there are nine discipline-specific YMC Groups/Units. We encourage you to find and join your Units on this website.
  • Involvement with YMC is open to all transportation professionals in the TRB community; however, our goal is to assist those eligible as "Young Professionals", which is 35 years old or under.


  • Involvement: Providing opportunities for young professionals to get actively involved with TRB.
  • Resources: Providing targeted resources geared for young professionals in the form of technical sessions, events, and guides.
  • Connections: Providing networking opportunities and connecting young professional peers from around the world.
  • Representation: Serving as young professionals' liaison to and from TRB leadership and the research community to address issues of importance to young members.

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